This blog is about 10 years in the making because each time I go to build a website or blog, I never finish it.

But in 2019, my entire life has shifted so it feels only right to finally, FINALLY, have a creative space where I can share my ideas, projects, and thoughts. I am so excited!

I have so many ideas of what I want to offer to YOU, simply because I love to create and share my knowledge with others. This is a space to have a lot of fun, to not worry about what we think we should be doing but rather what we want to do! Let me know that you are with me on this journey by leaving a comment.

This site will feature a ton of tutorials for a variety of crafts (because I love them all), resources for you (DIY, videos, and more), and a place where I can share my thoughts on products or services, reviews on random things (books and movies mostly!) and so much more! 

Her Kaleidoscope – a creative blog


I’ve carried this name with me for many years. It came to me as I was trying to describe a part of me, and as I am someone who loves so many things that can change from week to week I thought of a kaleidoscope.

A kaleidoscope is tool that houses the same colorful pieces in a section that are reflected against a mirror, and when you turn it, you can get a whole new pattern. That’s how I feel. The parts of me are the same, but I change and reflect differently over time. 

So this space is my kaleidoscope, and I truly hope a part of it resonates with you. Not only will I share my own creative DIYs and projects, but I will also ask for your suggestions. After all, I want this to be a creative blog where you can find what you need to be your best creative self!

I can’t wait to get started!